What is a class action?

A class action is a legal claim brought by a group (class) of people against a particular defendant or defendants in respect of the same subject matter. Here, the proposed group (class) of people are the owners of plaster clad buildings with legal claims against manufacturers of plaster cladding.

What is the cost of being involved / registering?

There is no cost for registering, or at any stage in the process should it progress. All the legal and other costs are worn by the litigation funder on behalf of the claimants. If the claim is successful, owners stand to receive a percentage share of the judgment or settlement sum after legal and other costs, and the funder's share, are deducted.

Who is funding the action?

The UK's largest litigation funder, Harbour Litigation Funding will be providing funding for the action through the dedicated investment fund that it advises.

My building is plaster clad but I do not think or know it is leaky. Should I still register?

Yes, registration is worthwhile. This action is important and potentially beneficial for all owners of plaster clad buildings who have not previously sought or received full compensation, or any compensation. Your eligibility for the claim will be assessed at a later date.

I have already received compensation for a leaky building. Should I still register?

Yes, registration is worthwhile. While preference is likely to be given to owners who have not previously received compensation, the eligibility of owners who have previously received compensation will be considered following the completion of the registration process. So please still register.

The building I own was constructed more than 10 years ago. Should I still register?

Yes, there is no restriction as to the age of the building.

Is the information that I supply kept confidential?

All information you provide in the registration process will be treated as confidential. The Privacy Act 1993 also applies to any personal information provided. If you still have concerns about possible stigma, you are entitled to seek independent legal advice.

What happens if I sell my property?

If you have a stand-alone property (ie: not part of a Body Corporate) and you sell your property please let us know so we can update your details. Each case will be considered individually, but generally if you provide sufficient evidence you can remain in the action. The loss we would claim would be of a different nature. We will claim for the losses you suffered on the sale, not the repair cost. This may require evidence from a registered valuer which may not be a funded cost.

If your property is in a Body Corporate and is sold, your claim will be assessed on an individual basis as to whether your claim can remain in the action.